About Beachmere

Beachmere is a town in the Moreton Bay Regional Council area. It is some 38 kms from the Brisbane CBD, (as the crow flies) but by road it is 57 kms. It is north of the Caboolture River, on the edge of Deception Bay with views out to Moreton Island, and Bribie Island to the north east.
At the last census in 2011, the population was just over 3,900.

“It is said that a Mr Bonney who settled in the area around 1870 called it Beachmere because of the strip of sandy beach set amidst a marshy countryside. William Goodwin Geddes was the first person to hold freehold title for the area between King John Creek and the beach. About 1887 Millman moved from Oaklands to start dairying there and in the Millmans’ time it started to be used by picnicking parties.”

From Moreton Bay Regional Council’s website.
Beachmere Dairy Farm and Cheese Factory Newspaper ExcerptAccording to Trove website, in 1897 there was a major cheese factory and dairy business for sale at Beachmere, owned by S.T. Holbrook, Esq.
In 1897 there was a Dairy Farm and Cheese Factory listed for sale, which stated that the business had been in operation for 13 years. Information on the sale of the property has not been found.
In 2015 it is a lively population with two shopping precincts, a supermarket (IGA), a primary school and a Steiner school, child care centres, post office, medical centres, restaurants and café’s, fashion boutique, and other shopping, along with the Beachmere Tavern.
With the sea and Caboolture River close by it is a popular place for boaties and fisher folk, with public boat ramps and plenty of places for those without a boat to fish and set pots for wonderful mud crabs.

There are a number of parks around Beachmere.  Some have BBQ and toilet facilities.  See below.



Cricket on the Beachmere beachfront Easter 2016


  • Lehman Park – at corner of Main Road and Biggs Avenue. BBQ, toilet facilities, and stairs down to beachfront.  Playground and grassy area for children to play.
  • Clayton Park – large park with lawn, seating, basketball hoop, skatepark and off leash dog park. On Moreton Tce, with access to toilets behind Club Beachmere bowling green
  • Beachmere South Reserve – end of Biggs Avenue. Off lead dog park, BBQ., Undercover seating, steps down to beach, toilets.  Good place for fishing at high tide.
  • Boat Ramp – end of Moreton Tce/St Smith Road. BBQ, toilet facilities.  Fishing from river banks, parking.
  • Beachmere Conservation Park – Bishop Road, Beachmere. Walk through park. Mosquitos and sandflies are present during summer months – don’t forget to wear long sleeves/long pants and take insect repellent.
  • Beachmere Activity Centre, Biggs Ave, Beachmere. Landscaped gardens, seats and stair access to beach.


There are three lakes in the Beachmere region, as well as numerous billbongs, creeks and swamps.

Trinity Waters Lake

Best access is via Coffey Court  (see map).  Lawns, fishing spots on lake or nearby Caboolture River.  No toilet facilities.

Beachmere Lake

Between Biggs Ave, Apollo Cres and Kunde Street.   Remote controlled boats club uses the lakes on Sunday mornings.  Easy access from Kumde Street or Biggs Ave.  Lawned area.  Fishing.  No toilet facilities.

Bayside Lake

Located on Bayside Drive.  Adjacent to white sandy beach and permitted access for horses to use beach.  Lake is home to many birds including black swans. No toilet facilities.


Beachmere Lawn Bowls Club, Main St, Ph: (07) 5499 1872

Beachmere Sport Fishing Club, Ph: 0437 400 362

Beachmere Sports Club, Rugby, Tennis, Cricket, Rogers St, Ph:  (07) 5495 5570

Clayton Park – Skate park

Exercise Equipment – FREE – Clayton Park


Lehman Park, End Main St/Cnr Biggs Ave

End Biggs Ave

Boat Ramp, St Smith St

Moreton Tce, Clayton Park


Bishop Road (Opp. Palm Lake Resort/Beachmere Sands.)


Beachmere Village, Beachmere Rd, Ph: (07) 5496 8185


United Service Station, Beachmere Rd, Ph: (07) 5496 2900


Beachfront, Beachmere Lake,

Trinity Waters Lake

Caboolture River – Riversleigh Parks and

Saint Smith St


Beachmere Wildlife Rescue, 1/874 Beachmere Rd, Ph: 0439 990 070


Beachmere Hotel, Beachmere Rd


Ph. (07) 5429 0122

Beachmere RSL Club, Main St,


Ph: (07) 5496 2090

The Beach Shak

5 Biggs Ave

Ph: 0408 878 550

Indian Essence

Beachmere Village

Ph: (07) 5496 8045

L & D Fish Seafood Takeaway

Beachmere Village

Ph: (07) 5496 8839

Beachmere Takeaway, 29 Main St

Ph: (07) 5496 8539


Wishing Wells, Beachmere Village

Beachmere Rd (07) 5429 0521

Bits and Bobs, Beachmere Village

Beachmere Rd 0466 997 794


Beachmere Hair & Beauty, Biggs Ave

(07) 5496 8440

JazzaBelle Hair Studio, 878 Bishop Rd

0432 399 171

Beauty at Beachmere, 2 James Rd

Ph: (07) 5429 0078


Pelican Business Services  

1/878 Beachmere Rd

Ph: 0405 107 094


IGA Supermarket, Beachmere Village,

Beachmere Road

Ph: (07) 5496 2166

Beachmere Bakery, Beachmere Village

Ph: (07) 5496 8590


Kiosk, Beachmere Palms Motel, Second Ave,

Ph: (07) 5496 8577

Beachmere Butchery

5/1 Bishop Rd,

Ph: (07) 5496 8588



BNews, Beachmere Village, Beachmere Rd

(07) 5496 8921

MEDICAL at Beachmere

Medical Practitioners – Beachmere Village

(07) 5496 2499 and Biggs Ave (07) 5496 8444

Remedial Massage – Top to Toe 0404 848 107

Podiatry – Bishop Rd (07) 5429 0298

Dentist – Beachmere Village (07) 5496 8579

Pharmacy – Beachmere Village (07) 5429 0080


Beachmere Real Estate, Beachmere Village

Ph: (07) 5496 8555

L J Hooker, Beachmere Village

Ph:  (07) 5496 2711

CLOSEST HOSPITAL – Caboolture Hospital, McKean Street, Caboolture
(07) 5433 8888

POLICE – King St, Caboolture (07) 5495 0444